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I have always been a very spiritual person; I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits and angels. I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect with the outside world, and love having the opportunity to connect my clients with their own universal current. My focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through love, and to teach others how to open up their own spiritual potential. I am a fourth generation psychic, my great-grandfather is where my visions come from. . From my father, my hero, I inherited my spirituality, from me there are two other generations including a third one now blossoming.

Mama Serena has been in the practice for the last 21 years. We make your time worthwhile send me an inquiry.
Everything Is Possible If You Believe.

We all have a generous portion of gifted abilities, one power complements the other so on so forth. With over 20 years experience, I have been helping people from all walks of life. Their different issues range from love problems, mostly, to love crisis, and soulmate reunion. However I am thoroughly blessed in helping people overcome a vast variety of spiritual blockages. I love helping others to the fullest potential of one’s higher self. I’ve also had a lot of success in spiritual healing of the mind body and spirit, from emotional, physical, mental, and everything in between. Most people that find me hail that it was no coincidence! Many flock to me via word-of-mouth. I’m happy to help with whatever the spirits send me.

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